If your thermostat looks like it’s a nostalgic relic that belongs in a 1950s museum, it’s time for an upgrade. But don’t fear. Even if it’s given you decades of loyal service, it pales in comparison to a technologically advanced smart thermostat.

These nifty little gadgets give you advantages you didn’t even know were possible. From offering greater temperature control to adapting to your lifestyle, a smart thermostat helps homeowners in Safety Harbor, Florida, optimize their comfort and lower energy costs.

Smart Thermostats Learn Your Behavior

While there’s nothing wrong with a programmable thermostat, it’s not quite as sophisticated as a smart thermostat. You can program the temperatures you want like a programmable thermostat, but the smart version learns your behavior.

If you turn the air down before work and bring it back up when you get home, you won’t have to touch the thermostat. The programming genius in the smart thermostat does all that for you without any direct contact.

They Provide Monthly Energy Usage Reports

If you’ve looked at a monthly energy bill and resorted to a bunch of expletives, a smart thermostat will ease your stress. Each month, these devices provide a usage report, showing when and where you’ve used energy. It’s a nice reminder of ways to cut down on unnecessary energy usage.

Take Advantage of Wi-Fi Connectivity

Have you ever left home for work or vacation, leaving the furnace or air conditioner blasting? If so, you’re hardly in the minority.

Fortunately, the smart thermostat amends this problem with Wifi technology. After downloading an app, you can monitor and change the temperature from anywhere in the world, provided you have an internet connection. This eliminates the stress of leaving the air on, saving you money in the process.

Though you may have a strong affinity for your current thermostat, there’s no arguing that a smart thermostat has the features you need. If you decide to upgrade your thermostat to the 21st century, make Aircom your installation partner. Call our friendly comfort consultants today at 727-213-8190.

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